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Lessons 1-20 Hebrew Scripts – view online | download PDF

Lessons 21-40 Hebrew Scripts – view online | download PDF

Lessons 41-60 Hebrew Scripts – view online | download PDF

Lessons 61-80 Hebrew Scripts – view online | download PDF

Lessons 81-100 Hebrew Scripts – view online | download PDF

Biblical Hebrew Easy Stories – view and download PDFs

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Hebrew alphabet practice worksheets – download PDF

There are a lot of confusing keyboard options for typing Hebrew out there, but we’ve designed a keyboard that is specifically tailored to English keyboard layouts, that is much more efficient, logical, and intuitive than others. 

  • Windows: Download this zip file, run the setup, and make sure to look at the three keymaps in the keymap folder. If you’re not familiar with how to switch between different keyboards in Windows, check out these instructions. If you’d like a free typing program to help you start learning the keyboard layout, we recommend this one. If you want to customize the source file with Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator (a free program), you can download it and modify it here.
  • Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows:
    1. Download and install the free Keyman platform for the device you use (under the “Products” menu).
    2. Watch this video on how to install the keyboard from the configuration menu.
    3. The keymaps can be found in this folder
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