Betheden Ministries

Equipping the Church for Bible Translation & Beyond

Andrew and Bethany Case are the founders of Betheden Ministries, which is the non-profit behind the global Hebrew outreach Aleph with Beth. Our purpose is to help see the whole Bible in every language, and the global Church equipped for growth and maturity. In the western world we have an “embarrassment of riches.” We have thousands of biblical resources one click away, and in the language we understand best. Meanwhile, there are millions of people in other countries who don’t even have a Bible in their mother tongue. We believe that knowledge of the biblical languages is one of the most fundamental needs of every church around the world. It is the foundation of theology, sound interpretation, and healthy churches. So our goal is to empower the global Church with the biblical languages, as well as train and serve the Bible translation effort. 

Core Values

We hold these to be essential to who we are and how we want to operate:

  • Pursuit of Joy — All of life should be lived, not out of fear, but as a pursuit of joy in God.
  • Partnership — Because Scripture teaches that we are part of a larger Body, we seek to work with others through strategic, genuine relationships.
  • Eagerness to Learn — We want to innovate with excellence, which requires continuous curiosity and study.
  • Humility — Our hope is to serve the global Church, which requires the humility to put them first, listen to their needs, understand them well, and provide them with the best we can offer by God’s grace.
  • Freely Giving — Because we have received everything from God as a gift, we are committed to making all of our content free and open-access to everyone, and encouraging others to do the same.
  • Empowering the Under-Resourced — Because many non-Western Christians still suffer the lack of quality biblical resources, we endeavor to prioritize giving them access to these resources.