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Learning Hebrew can be expensive, intimidating, and frustrating. We want to change that.

With our free video course you can learn to read biblical Hebrew, no matter what language you speak! It works for people who have no knowledge of Hebrew, as well as for those who have already studied. We teach in a way that helps you learn as a child learns to speak his first language. We’re creating this resource to help Bible translators around the world and build up the global Church, the majority of which has little or no access to the original languages of Scripture. You can learn Hebrew! You can start today. Watch the video below to find out more.


Thousands of students around the world.

Our method can help anyone, in any language.


"Learning Biblical Hebrew doesn't have to be grueling or expensive. In these great videos, you'll be guided in your discovery by repeated exposure paired with toys and images. No English required. Highly recommended!"
"Ministerial students, pastors and laypeople rightly search for that hard-to-find Hebrew teacher who can make the language fun, interesting, and memorable. I know of no better pedagogical entry ramp than the free, short, high quality, "living language" videos of Aleph with Beth. Enjoy these videos, and be surprised at how quickly you are internalizing the biblical language!"
"Aleph with Beth is a wonderful way to learn Hebrew! Beth's love for Hebrew is contagious. I wish I had had these lessons to supplement my biblical Hebrew classes taught in a traditional format. I am heartily recommending these online lessons to students I have taught in the past as well as to new students."
"Aleph with Beth is a wonderful resource to learn Hebrew that I highly recommend. These well-crafted educational videos are very creative and highly accessible, making learning Hebrew less intimidating and a lot of fun! I have adopted the Aleph with Beth videos in my Biblical Hebrew class at Tyndale Seminary, using the videos to supplement the instruction in the class. This excellent resource is a wonderful gift, and I am grateful to Bethany and Andrew for all the hard work they have put into preparing these great lessons for us. Todah rabbah. Thank you."

Ready to Learn Hebrew?

Many people who set out to learn Hebrew never reach their goals, and the few who do make progress struggle to retain and use what they’ve learned. The fact is, most people in the world weren’t designed to learn a language by using a textbook and memorizing lots of rules. Instead, we learn a language best by using it: hearing and speaking it. Everyone has the innate, God-given ability to learn a language in the natural way they learned to speak their mother tongue as children: first listening, understanding, speaking little by little, and then exposure to the alphabet and grammar rules. Aleph with Beth approximates this natural, immersive style of learning, slowly building your comprehension as you watch. This natural way of learning a language is fun and enjoyable, and also more effective over time, as the sounds and grammar of biblical Hebrew work their way into your long-term memory through repetition and use. Have you failed in the past? No problem! With our method you can learn Hebrew! Do you feel like you’re too old? You can learn Hebrew too! Thousands of people over 50 have had success with our method. Do you have kids? They definitely can learn Hebrew! Join the movement around the world to start your children with Hebrew while they’re young. Try it out. There’s nothing to lose. It’s free. Forever.

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