Inspirational Quotes

I now studied much, about 12 hours a day, chiefly Hebrew, and committed portions of the Hebrew Old Testament to memory; and this I did with prayer, often falling on my knees. I looked up to the Lord even while turning over the leaves of my Hebrew dictionary. – George Mueller

Though weak, I often spent two hours in my evening retirements and prayed over my Greek Testament…every hour that my health would permit. – George Whitefield

Without languages we could not have received the Gospel. Languages are the scabbard that contains the sword of the Spirit; they are the casket which contains the priceless jewels of ancient thought; they are the vessel that holds the wine; and as the gospel says, they are the baskets in which the loaves and fishes are kept to feed the multitude. . . . As dear as the gospel is to us all, let us struggle hard with its language. – Martin Luther

If we put our minds to the Hebrew and Greek sources, we will begin to understand Christ rightly. – Philip Melanchthon

When the preacher is versed in the languages, his discourse has freshness and force, the whole of Scripture is treated, and faith finds itself constantly renewed by a continual variety of words and illustrations. – Martin Luther

The minute study called for by the Greek opens up unexpected treasures that surprise and delight the soul. – A.T. Robertson

It is a stupid undertaking to attempt to gain an understanding of Scripture by laboring through the commentaries of the fathers and a multitude of books and glosses. Instead of this, men should have devoted themselves to the languages. If you knew the languages, you could get further with the passage than they whom you are following. As sunshine is to shadow, so is the language itself compared to all the glosses of the fathers. – Martin Luther 

What perplexities, mistakes, and errors, the ignorance of these original languages hath cast many expositors into, both of old and of late, especially among those who pertinaciously adhere unto one translation, and that none of the best, might be manifested by instances undeniable, and these without number. – John Owen

Using the biblical languages helps clarify what feelings God wants us to have and what actions he wants us to take. The languages help foster a depth of character, commitment, conviction, and satisfaction in life and ministry that substantiates our Christian testimony in the world. – Jason DeRouchie

When our faith is thus held up to ridicule, where does the fault lie? It lies in the ignorance of the languages; and there is no other way out than to learn the languages. Those without Hebrew and Greek often employ uncertain, indefensible, and inappropriate expressions. They grope their way like a blind man along the wall, frequently missing the sense of the text and twisting it to suit their fancy. – Martin Luther

Knowing the biblical languages (1) provides a sustained freshness, a warranted boldness, and an articulated, sure, and helpful witness to the truth and (2) equips one to defend the gospel and hold others accountable in ways otherwise impossible. – Jason DeRouchie

Since it becomes Christians then to make good use of the Holy Scriptures as their one and only book, it is a sin and a shame not to know our own book or to understand the speech and words of our God. It is a still greater sin and loss that we do not study languages, especially in these days when God is offering and giving us men and books and every facility and inducement to this study, and desires his Bible to be an open book. O how happy the dear fathers would have been if they had had our opportunity to study the languages and come thus prepared to the Holy Scriptures! What great toil and effort it cost them to gather up a few crumbs, while we with half the labor—yes, almost without any labor at all—can acquire the whole loaf! O how their effort puts our indolence to shame! Yes, how sternly God will judge our lethargy and ingratitude! – Martin Luther